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March 19-25, 1933 (“Zangara was electrocuted”)

1933 March 19th Sunday

Cloudy, cold forenoon, sun shone in p.m. The men chored and read and played and I got meals and played some cards also. Wm and Narvin went to Moore Creek and fed horses hay in p.m. and Will cut horses’ hoofs and trimmed manes. Roy stopped here in p.m.

1933 March 20th Monday

Giuseppe "Joseph" Zangara

Giuseppe “Joseph” Zangara

Bright, chilly day, a north breeze. I washed a few dish-towels and they froze but wind switched them out dry except where clothes pins hung. I also got meals and started to sew to-gether some tobacco-sacks to put over lard-jars. Wm and Narvin drove bronchos and fed stock alfalfa and did most chores for Will and Ben came so they went to Winner and home early eve for Will could do no business to-day. Liniferd Martin’s baby died and will be buried at Winner to-morrow. Joseph Zangara who attempted to kill Pres. Elect Roosevelt and shot Mayor Anton Cermak of Chicago at Miama, Florida, Feb. 15th and Cermak died March 6th so Zangara was electrocuted in Floriday this a.m. 10 o’clock.

[Lisa’s note: See also the Flash Narrative in response to this entry.]

1933 March 21st Tuesday

Bright, but cool. I got meals and not much else but played solitaire. The men chored and Wm and Narvin fed stock alfalfa and drove a broncho and cut wood. Will went to Valentine, Nebr. to see about getting money for leases and grain and came back via Lakeview to get grain, Mission to see Dr. Smith about R.F.C. Mrs. Made Couser’s baby died at Val. Hospital.

There was a fire at Winner and at Valentine when Will was at each place. Mrs. Couser’s baby lived 2 hours and Will helped make arrangements for its burial at Valentine to-morrow. He got oats at George Oliver’s and all O.K. on R.F.C. Road Work with Dr. Smith in spite of Neighbors.

1933 March 22nd Wednesday

Partly cloudy and some snow in eve and chilly all day. I got meals and read the mail for I don’t feel good so tired all day. The men chored and Will and Narvin got a load of cane at Ben’s also hauled Ben a load of hay and Wm went to store, mailed the letters, to Armbrusters and no one home on to Jamison’s to tell them about road-work must start. Will went to Jim Hortons and Henry Sells, where he had supper, looking for corn and oats and back to Tom Bergin where he told them about road-work to start now. Wm, Narvin and I play cards in eve. Roy’s turkeys came so he got them.

1933 March 23rd Thursday

Foggy until about 9 a.m. began [to] clear and was a nice day. I got meals and started to wash clothes but only got white ones washed and table-cloths dried, a north breeze. The men chored and Will went to Store and he and Tom went to Lakeview at John Oliver’s for a load of 115 bushels oats, had dinner there, came back via Rosebud, Mission and down here to unload in eve. I slept in p.m. and Ben came, got Brownie, went to Wisenbergers and he and Roy here in p.m. and I just heard them.

1933 March 24th Friday

Snow would melt before it touched ground, then would rain at times. The men chored. Will and Narve cleaned barn. Wm made wheel-barrow. Ben was here in p.m. I washed some more clothes, got meals and rested in p.m.

1933 March 25th Friday

A nice day. I got meals and rinsed clothes, hung out and they got dry, also mopped floors and baked bread and ironed a few pieces. Wm and Narvin drove a broncho and took a horse to Boyds in p.m. Allie Walton here at noon and got Joe Colombe horse. Will got 2 loads hay and was at Roy’s late p.m. helping him with a calf. Fr. Martin came for night and Ben here in eve.