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March 3, 1933: Neighbors are to charivari them to-nite

1923 March 3rd Saturday

Cloudy in forenoon and cold & damp, at noon started to snow and was still snowing at bed-time and very windy from the North. William cut up a cottonwood tree on Bradstreet and Will finished the chores and took wagon over to haul wood home. In p.m. we all went up town in the snow. William and Lee started for Louise and Fred’s car balked on hills near Depot so they walked in and got dray to haul car in and Thomas Garage to go for Louise and we came home.

1933 March 3rd Friday

Partly cloudy, S.E. breeze – The men chored and Lemoyne came so Narve, Wm and Lemoyne went to Moore Creek and got some horses and cut some out and took rest back. Will got a load of hay in hills. Narve cut hair for Will and he shaved and got ready for town to-morrow. I rendered lard and got meals. Carl and Hays Gehlsen and Ralph Armbruster came to see about work on road and Otto Rothley and Delia Lattimore were married Wednesday so neighbors are to charivari them to-nite.

1943 March 3rd Wednesday

Bright but cold. Will and I went to Wm Abbotts last eve for we got letter from Wood Bros. that Insurance on cow (dead) was sent to Harry Hansen, Winner, but Mr. & Mrs. and Cora Ann were at Winner and Delores and Billie were getting in their cattle for night to a place northeast [of] house and they gave us a check that Harry Hansen gave them to-day, it was to Abbott and he. Mrs. and Cora Ann came this forenoon to sign it and after dinner he went to Whiting Store and then they went home. John and George Jansen came with 100 bu. cobs from Herman Schneiderweits and Will and Mr. Jansen went to Winner to buy 200 bu. Milo and see Dr. Linker about our losing calves. Wm. Van Epps helped George load iron.

1953 March 3rd Tuesday

Snow quit but Men fed cattle and Dan got a wind brake fixed on Ford Tractor. Will is fixing sickles and came in House for awhile. I sewed a little on underwear and found some old dresses I will fix a little for summer everyday wear. Got meals and played solitaire. I sew on a dress that was cut out last fall for kind of nice wear so must finish before hot weather. Betty came up to get meat and bring milk.