in hog butchering

March 1

1923 March 1st Thursday

A bright warm day and p.m. just hot, uncomfortable to have a fire in cook-stove. Large flies were everywhere. Will took Ray and Biddy and went for corn and William hauled manure out of barn. Mr. C. Nelson came with last load of corn, they all had dinner and went to Howard Ware Sale. I cooked hog-head and ground & seasoned sausage and went to spring for water and it [was] warm.

1933 March 1st Wednesday

Bright, nice until in p.m. a little cloudy and S.W. breeze. This is Ash Wednesday but I cooked meat for will, he hauled hay from Hills and Wm fixed pens for calves and cows in barn. Narvin Boyd came to help break horses. I got meals and cut meat.

1943 March 1st Monday

Those at church yesterday were Mrs. Elmer Gran, Caroline, Jimmie and Willis, Tom Whiting Sr. and Dickie, Hank and I, Wm Van Epps, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Turgeon, not many but more may come. This day was cold N.W. wind but men caked cattle for they never [did] yesterday and I got letters ready and Will mailed them at Hidden Timber, 1 to Federal Land Bank Collector of Internal Revenue, Aberdeen, for Income (National) Tax Division, Pierre for State Tax Report. Leases paid to Aug. Hempl, R.S. MacKay, MaxM. Koetz, Voltz Abstract for Lincoln Land. J. L. Carr paid him Seed Loan in full at Martin, S.D., Roy Scissons. Will went to have gas cards returned at Mission O.P.A. Board for coal oil B. Cards and Farm Gas for six months, changed oil and had car greased. Wm Van Epps did the work and we had a warmed over dinner before Will left.

1953 March 1st Sunday

Moon shone last night but cloudy and snowy to-day from the East. Men fed cattle and Will staid indoors. We played Canasta in p.m. Wales are at Home this p.m. Usual meals and Pastime for me. I wrote in diary in a.m. Dan brought Milk up this eve.