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February 25

1923 Feb. 25th Sunday

A bright, warm day but breeze towards eve, chilly quite strong at noon and morning beautiful. William & Lee came out in Fred’s car and Will & William went to Mott’s on Peavine and Lasses and in p.m. went to Timothy Ryan place, Holt Co., to see gentleman about buying straw, they got it on Bob Hamilton place. Tom Ernst came out for dinner and brought Ray home to change for his horse. I fixed chicken & made pumpkin-pie for dinner and doughnuts for supper. Lee & I went to Hog-Pasture and got water at the big-spring, the boys went back in eve.

1933 Feb. 25th Saturday

Bright, nice day and after choring Wm and Ben who came this a.m. drove a broncho to Moore Creek and then came back, kneaded down bread and got their dinner as Will and I came in from Harry’s and Louise’s for Will got back last night from Dixon and he and Harry came back to kill Harry’s horse that got leg broken, we had dinner there. The men worked with more bronchos in p.m.

1943 Feb. 25th Thursday

Was a fair day. I am still sick at Stomach but managed to get meals and laid down in p.m. The men chored and worked at a stall in barn fixing broncho stall and they never went to get rationing cards to-day.

1953 Feb. 25th Wednesday

Bright, thawing around place, but snow moved into open tracks and filled one side of the road to McCormicks (Chas.). Tom Sr. and Tommy Jr. Colombe came in McCormicks Dodge Power Wagon and went to George Klein’s and Back up here. 3 Klein Men with Tractor and Pick-Up went to Lawrence’s on Wm Chauncey Sr. Place to grind feed for their calves, where Lawrence & wife Live. Usual Pastime and work for Dan came in then he and family started to Whiting Store, but at S.W. corner of tree they went into blown in snow so came back, and Betty put Calvin to sleep and came up here for awhile as Dan welded two Barrels together for to run waste water from Porch Drain. Clarence Whiting in his Pick-Up to wait for the mail. On return he got stuck west of our trees so Men took tractor, pulled him out.

  1. I remember McCormick’s Dodge Power Wagon – was one of the first 4 wheel drives in that neighborhood.

    • I think that Hattie would love the fact that her diaries are bringing back memories.

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