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Feb. 27, 1953: 33 1/3 records came from Sears

1923 Feb. 27th Tuesday

A cold cloudy p.m. but forenoon bright until wind came up towards noon strong South-west, evening & night warm. William hauled corn from Ficters and Nelsons after he & Will cleaned hog-house and Will fixed granary and got drinking water at spring. In p.m. Will & Mr. Nelson hauled corn and Billie & I cut up meat and Billie did chores and Will took meat or hog to Fred Larmer.

1933 Feb. 27th Monday

Bright, nice day. The men chored and Mose Boyd went home and Loren Walton came with a load of corn and made an application for road maintenance so after Ben, Wm & Will butchered a hog Wm took Walton letter to store to mail and got a cheap fur check. I got meals and not much else but a few cobs in eve. Roy came in eve to ask about 10 gal. Jar.

1943 Feb. 27th Saturday

Strong, dusty Northwest wind, wasn’t very nice. I got breakfast and fixed 11 letters but only addresses for Will mailed 2 to-day & one to Pierre for Refund Fuel blank and one to Wood Bros. for to see about cow Wm Abbott took to Sioux City. I was all in so only lunch at noon and Will brought beef liver so we had that for supper. Will was at Valentine Registered Bull sale and came in before dark. Wm Van Epps had to go Perley Fast’s to Register for Ration Books yesterday and to-day he had his tires tested at Geo. Kleins and he chored and was to work at fixing barn stalls.

1953 Feb. 27th Friday

Bright nice day and enough wind to dry the clothes I washed and Will put on Line S.W. Corner of the yard. I dried only a few indoors and in eve Will got them in and I took dampness off of those sheets, nightgowns and pillow slips we needed for the night. Others hung on clothes rack. Betty brought it home this p.m. for she uses it and as we wash so far between they keep it down there. Men got Mail yesterday and 2 Albums and 2 Records came from Sears, they are 33 1/3 with several pieces to a side so lot [of] music.

  1. Perely Fasts – was an area resident. When I was small, he lived about 2-3 miles s of hwy 18 on Hidden Timber Road, property now owned by some of the Assman’s. Last I knew there was a trailer on the place, but not much else. The last name is Fast – so should be Fast’s, and I’m sure not confident of the spelling of his first name. At this point, not sure we care.

    I kinda know who Geo Klein was too, mostly I just called him Grandpa. He had a store about that time at the same place which Hattie called “wheeler’s corner” in another diary some 10 years earlier. My dad said he started that store so Eleanor (Chauncey) had something to do after she graduated high school.

    Probably more than you wanted to know.

    • This is very helpful and allowed me to take the ? off from Pereley Fast (I wasn’t even sure if it was a person!). I did a little searching, and “Perley” seems to be a common first name, so I changed that, as well. Sometimes I leave Hattie’s spelling as is, but I try to correct names when I can. Thanks!

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