in World War II era

Feb. 26, 1943: No Pinnacle coal, no wood, no milo for sale

1923 Feb. 26th Monday

A bright nice day but towards [p.m.?] clouds arose in N.W. but bright eve. Will hauled corn over the river and went to Ableidingers to get scalding vat and iron-kettle, he warmed water and I went for William for William and Mr. Ableidinger came and they butchered 2 hogs. I just flunkied. Mr. O. Ernst & Crissie Anderson came in the eve to see Mr. Ableidinger.

1933 Feb. 26th Sunday

Bright, nice day except a south breeze at noon was quite strong but nice late p.m. Will chored and then rested until William and I came back from church. We went to Communion and there were a lot there. We ate dinner and then the men worked at bronchos and Wm went to Boyds and he and Himley came back and Mose rode a Broncho of Will’s. Will and I went to Bert Roundy and visited with them until late p.m. and Mrs. Roundy had a bad cold but got meals, then we went to Tom Sazama’s. Mr. Morford stopped at Roundy’s and talked Community Sale. Mr. & Mrs. Eliza Bechstel, Vern, Vera, Eunice and Ada were at Sazama and we all ordered Navy (?) Goods and paid Ivan Gibsons and Murrel Cousers dues. On our return Mr. H. L. Elshire of Dallas and daughter & Husband, Mr. & Mrs. Anderson came for Elshire horse or to see about it.

1943 Feb. 26th Friday

Was a nice day and sun so bright I couldn’t look at it coming from Winner for Will & W.D. chored, gave cattle cake. I figured income tax and we went to Jackson School, no ration books, to Furreys, Will and Harley and Billie to Nelson or Bailey School, got books, had dinner there at Furrey. Got income fixed at Jack Martin’s, Carter, S.D. to Winner, got some cloth and groceries to Mosher, S.D., no pinnacle coal, no wood, no milo for sale, then home, west road, all chores finished.

1953 Feb. 26th Thursday

Bright except few clouds now and then. Men gave cattle hay and drank coffee, ate cookies, went in Dan’s Pick Up to Winner. Will took our M. Tractor to Bridge west [of] here and left it at Hill in our Wheat Grass, never took to Bridge. They came home early, had dinner at 5 Spot, Winner, brought Oyster Shells & Mineral and Groceries for us, too. I sewed on every day dress so have 7 new ones and 2 little better but one of these little better not yet finished. Got eats, 2 meals as I boiled beef. Betty came up with Milk this a.m. before Men went to town. Never saw her any more. They went to Bud Whitings to see Danny Thomas, born Feb. 6, 8:01 p.m. at Winner Hospital. Bus and Others were at Basket Ball game, Mission, so they came home early. I saw Place all lighted and told Will, we were in Kitchen as I made Malt for I cooked chocolate syrup for to use as Chocolate Ice-Cream all used.