in World War II era

January 10, 1943: Mountain War Time

1923 Jan. 10th Wednesday.

A nice day until towards eve cloudy but clear in a short time. Will took heifers to Rambouchek pasture as he went to Rambouchek and couldn’t drive critter here and in p.m. hauled 2 loads corn over creek and alfalfa to hogs. I canned pumpkin, enough to make 27 pies that is 27 pints and was quite tired and Will tired also but work not so hard, brought in rest of clothes as dry now.

Jan. 10, 1923

Jan. 10, 1923


1933 Jan. 10th Tuesday.

Nice forenoon but wind blew in p.m., clouded and stormy in eve and real cold. Will did the work and Wm helped in eve but is getting the Flu. Will, Pat, Violet, Reuben, Dorthy and I to Legion Meeting in p.m., not many there, only 5 Auxiliary members so no meeting.

January 10, 1933

Jan. 10, 1933

1943 Jan. 10th Sunday.

After frosty morning, was bright, nice, got to 54 above in p.m. Wm Van Epps went to Carl Gehlsens after supper last eve and he, Carl, Mary Armbruster and Elmer Chauncey played cards so they got here after 3 o’clock a.m., he brought Billie and Elsie for Elsie washed clothes Friday and they are all dry, ours and theirs. There was Mass at St. Therese’s Chapel, Hidden Timber, at 8:30 a.m. Mountain War Time, 9:30 a.m. our time but I was too sick with coughing that I never got to go and Will and W.D. chored, got in 10 old cows of ours. Stanley Whiting came at 9 a.m., they loaded them and he left for Sioux City, Iowa to take them to Market. Will got breakfast for he and Wm Van Epps and I started fire in heater, was all I did for cough too much last night, I didn’t feel like doing any work. When Elsie got dishes cleaned, she swept Floors. They got ready, went to Carl Gehlsens and Claude Van Epps. Henry Arcorne walked down from the church as he came out with Fr. Greuther. He and Will went to Harry Furrey’s before noon, had dinner there, stopped at Wm Abbott’s on way home and he is husking corn. Mrs. Delores, Billie and Cora Ann were at Claude Van Epps.

Jan. 10, 1943

Jan. 10, 1943

1953 Jan. 10th Saturday.

Bright, nice. Men feed cattle cake and hay Up My Creek and caked them. Dan & Family went Up My Creek and got Minnows for Fish Bait and Will and I went in Pick Up to Valentine to get a Phonograph and Mattress for Will’s Bed. Will got the above and Mrs. Lavera Boyd came to Pick Up and stayed with me until we got things loaded and groceries and took her home to west part of town. We went back to get Chocolate Malts and Sandwich, for the Waitress gave Will only 1 Hamburger and I gave him a Big Bite. We came home after Dark and Will drove to Kitchen Door and unloaded the Mattress and Phonograph and groceries. We had a lunch of Pork Chops and Lettuce & Bread. Wales are home but got the mail this p.m.

January 10, 1953

Jan. 10, 1953