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November 28, 1929: Girls home from St. Mary’s Academy

1929 Nov. 28th Thursday

This is a sunny Thanksgiving Day and quite cold and Wind from N.W. blew some. Dave came in at 1 o’clock with Nellie, Mary, Jeanette, Harriet from St. Mary’s Academy, O’Neill, Holt County, Nebraska, so we all staid here and fixed turkey and chicken & the other things to eat for Thanksgiving such as pumpkin pie, carrot and apple salad, mashed potatoes, dressing & gravy, grape-jelly, Coffee, Butter, Bread, Cream, Sugar, Salt & pepper. Roy and Will chored and went to Oscar Jackson’s and got him for dinner and Will took him back in eve. We just lunched in eve as Nellie had a box of chocolates and our apples, we filled up between meals so when eve came we had a plenty of eats. The folks played the radio but we all retired early as it was a bad night. I fed the poultry and [was] glad Will got in cobs yesterday.

[Lisa’s note: From the online St. Mary’s Chronicles, 1929: “The month of the Poor Souls passed quietly and without much ado, except Education Week which opened on November 15. It was closed with a program in which Longfellow’s ‘Hiawatha’ was dramatized. Our boarders left on November 27 for a four days Thanksgiving vacation. On December 1 school reopened.” See archived 1920s photos from St. Mary’s here.]

November 28, 1929

November 28, 1929