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November 27, 1929: We are all in from being up last night

1929 Nov. 27th Wednesday

[Lisa’s note: Dave is Hattie’s brother and the girls are his daughters. Her focus on the late night hour when he leaves to get them from boarding school will be echoed in later entries. The previous day’s entry, explaining the late night from which they returned, is included below, as well.]

Sun shone some and cold east wind and turned to N.W. and snow towards eve and ground was white before bed-time. Roy snapped a load of corn on Moore creek. Will and I cleaned Kitchen and front-room and put oil-cloth in wash and Will gathered cobs in eve. Dave left for O’Neill to get girls some-time in night. We got in from O’Kreek at 1 o’clock and he left about an hour later. We are all in from being up last night.

(November 26, 1929: Cloudy, warm day and eve, sun awhile in day. Roy went to Winner after Dave went to store for Paint and came home in eve and took D. Schmidt home who came from Winner with him. Dave put second-coat on front-room walls and Will finished varnish wood-work in the kitchen and Wm Wagner came so he had to go over to look for his Horses that are in Wagners corn and also fat cattle out so he and Dave chored and Roy came so I baked bread and a chicken to take to Legion doings at O’Kreek. We got there in time to a program bazaar and box-social sale which netted $71.55.)

November 27, 1929

November 27, 1929