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November 25, 1941: Taking cattle away was on my nerves

1941 Nov. 25th Tuesday

Was 38 above when I got up at 6 o’clock a.m. and Stars shone brightly but at sunrise began to cloud but got bright again before noon and was nice p.m. I got meals, laid down in p.m. but no sleep for men taking cattle away was on my nerves. G. R. Duffy came in car and his daughter [on] horseback, they left after dinner with 35 head cattle and 32 calves and Bob DuBray helped her to east river pasture and he said cow bawled and kept looking back and Will, Roy, Drey and Bob went to Bokmann [to ask] if Drey could put his cattle in Bokmann’s Pasture north of our Big One for the night and leave his saddle horse at Pierce Place where Bokmann lives, all O.K. so men came and Bob and Roy left with cattle at once. Will got Roy after he left his horse at Bokmann’s and Bob [took] horse back after dark. Will cut the beef butchered Monday Morning by bringing [it] in, in dump cart and pulling with tractor. He put beef in shanty, chored and got in wood. Lawrence Drey, father of Roy Drey, came in car with a trailer and after dinner took a cow and calf home in it. Bob said one of calves in Drey’s herd bawled also, so we will look to that tomorrow. Mike (Ed) Colombe and Clarence Kindle hauled 3 loads hay each and finished bringing in Hay north of Sundquists so went home for this season.

November 25, 1941

November 25, 1941

  1. Bochman, was Joe Bachman who leased the Pierce place for a few years. He had a son in the army who was MIA & I don’t know if he was ever located.

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