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November 11: “25 years ago today at 11 o’clock on this 11th month and day of the month”

NYTimes-Page1-11-11-1918November 11, 1921 (Boyd County, Nebraska)

Was still cloudy and cold but no snow here, snow on trains from West. Mr. P. Wilson and Will husked corn all day and Will got 48 bu. in p.m. I did ordinary work and William Whiting went to Spencer and hauled out a load of junk from folks to Dump pile. This being Armistice Day, businesses closed in Towns and Washington Memorial Services for unknown Soldier.

November 11, 1922

Cloudy all day and N. W. wind quite cool but towards evening misty and colder and wind blew hard. We husked corn and in p.m. I went out, hurt my arm so came in, and Will got load. This is Armistice Day so Spencer is celebrating in great style.

November 11, 1927, Friday (Hidden Timber, South Dakota)

Cloudy most of the day and a real cold N.W. wind. Louise went to school, and Bess Angel came early and got her at the school house, and they left immediately for Clearfield and the Armistice Dance at Colombe. Will and Dave were indoors and fixed the storm doors and windows, also did the chores. I just did ordinary work and mended some blankets.

November 11, 1929, Monday

Foggy morning but started to snow after dinner and a real blizzard toward evening, but quit before we went to bed and just the wind blew from the north, was real cold. Dave, Will and Roy bladed or put weaners on calves, got the mail and hauled feed to cattle. Florence and I got the meals, washed dishes, and she made Tommy a shirt in the p.m. and I gathered cobs, and Will helped me get them to the house in the snow-storm.

Lemoyne came at 4:30 p.m. and said that John Carr was at their place, and said that a telegram or phone message from St. Francis came saying that one of Jake’s girls died that morning, and he stayed all night on account of the snow-storm. We are undecided which of Jake’s, but it must be Neva on account of her illness.

November 11, 1929, Tuesday

A beautiful day, sun shone bright and warm, for we ate a barbecued dinner outside, south of Guild Hall, O’Kreek.

Wm and I got up at 5:30 a.m. He chored and I put everything in the car, and Will got up at 8 o’clock, we ate, got ready and left via Lattimores, where we got cream, on to Elshires, they were just leaving so we went to Beckstels and told Mr. and Mrs. to get ready. I forgot my suitcase so we came back then and went through the pasture to O’Kreek. Wm left us and came back for Beckstels, and they came home in the evening with Nels Johnson, Mrs. Delia Marley and Harold. We met Ben as we were leaving and he came to change his clothes here.

Both the Legionnaires and Auxiliary did their best for a nice program of the day, consisting of singing, Speech by Geo. A. Buffington, Invocation by Rev. John DeCory, Bendiction by Father Dietz, Band Music, Barbecue Dinner, Foot-ball Game, Turkey Shoot, contests of chewing string to a dollar, cracker eating, putting on pillow slips, pie eating. We gave the Dallas and St. Francis Foot-ball teams a lunch, also the band boys. The men counted the money, paid debts. Ladies served some lunches and made lunches to put in sacks to be sold at the Carter dance. We all went to Carter Hall, music by O’Kreek Footwarmers. Got home at 4 o’clock a.m.

November 11, 1934, Sunday

Bright, lovely day for Armistice Day. Will took me to 9 a.m. church and got me again at 10 a.m. Elmer and he chored, caked cattle after Mass, then we ate dinner, and Will, Maggie and I went to Henry Sells, where men arranged for a deer hunt. Gehlsens (Hans and Jake) went with them to get Gertrude Haddock to stay with Mrs. Sells and children. We took pictures of Hugh and Rank’s sod house, went to Wm Chaunceys, made more arrangements, home to pack.

November 11, 1938, Friday

Cold chilly Armistice Day, it became a National Day when Pres. Roosevelt signed the Bill May 14th, 1938.

November 11, 1943, Thursday

This is a beautiful Armistice Day, for 25 years ago today at 11 o’clock on this 11th month and day of the month an Armistice was signed between Germany, our enemy, and U.S., England and France, and today we are at war with Japan. Italy was with them, but she quit to help the Allies. Millions of our men are now in the army all over the world.

November 11, 1947, Tuesday

Joe and Elva came with a lot of their things this a.m. and stayed at the tenant house to fix things and live.