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September 23, 1942: A team of odd colored small horses

1942 Sept. 23rd Wednesday   Lee Larmer’s Birthday

Sun shone but at times kind of cloudy, this is Tuesday’s report for I wrote Wed. opposite page. Will chored and I got in water to wash clothes and I put thought cold water, then through hot water and rinse late afternoon, hung out our sheets, gowns, dish towels and 2 heavy Blankets. Got in, in eve. and left rest to hang later for I am too all in. Got meals, laid down in p.m. and my feet just pain. We had fried chicken at noon and minced ham in eve for Will went to Whiting Store 2 times to-day in forenoon and again in eve to see if he heard from A. L. Pailing, which he did. Bob Meyers came in Soil Conversation Truck, brought Drill andJim Down got him in a Model A Coupe or some old style make, they left for Dowds in p.m. and truck is here to move drill on. Will drilled some grass in p.m. Smith, a Wagner, Abbot and Garrison Cattle sale man [were] here this a.m. Wind Charger Hess of Valentine was here yesterday a.m. Wm Abbott left his car and Will took him to Thomas Whiting’s. He got Prince and Pete and Hayrack, took home to help Chauncey thresh and left his car here. Elmer Chauncey brought our hay rack back and got their wagon, we had [it] here since last spring. He drives a team of odd colored small horses, they look unusual.

September 23, 1942

September 23, 1942

  1. The Jim Down mentioned was Jim Dowd who had a place east of Mission. The Dowd’s were Aunt & Uncle of Wayne Holmes. I believe Mrs Dowd was a Holmes.

    I also note that Patsy asks about the Hank mentioned in the August 27 entry. This was Henry “Hank” Arcoren. He helped Whitchers a lot. I remember once he was there breaking horses. He had a lot of talent. Was an accomplished painter, barber, muscian among other things. He showed me how to tie a Turks Head in a rope. We still have a cane he carved from willow with Adam & Eve and a serpent on it.

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