in World War II era

August 30, 1939: Counting cattle

1939 Aug. 30th Saturday

Bright and North-East breeze cool. I got meals, laid down in p.m. and played solitaire, also baked bread and a cake in eve. Will and Narvin chored, went horse-back to Winter pasture where they brought in 143 cows and over a hundred calves and 5 bulls, there was one bull here and 8 cows and they branded 10 calves, this makes 135 head calves, 3 being mine H-W brand, also 4 of the cows and 1 yearling Heifer in Big Pasture. After branding they took the cattle to Big Pasture and we had to eat by Lamp light again. Ben Clausen, who the last 2 days has been moving hay on Wagner land, stopped to see if he can use sweep and get a loaf [of] bread but bread not baked yet.

There are 30 head of Steers and Heifers in Big Pasture, so Men left them there, these were late calves last year.

August 30, 1939

August 30, 1939