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August 27, 1941: Sudan Grass and Rosebud Fair

[Lisa’s note: After trying for some time to come up with a system for posting here so as to get back into a daily schedule, I’ve decided to focus on certain time periods for several weeks in a row, to give a feel for what life was like in a specific era. We begin with the World War II years, from 1939-1945. Each day I will chose one or two entries from those years to share both as a text transcription and an image of the diary page–click on it for a larger version. I try to keep the transcription as near to the original as possible; however, sometimes I add punctuation or bracketed words for ease of reading. I will also add informative links when I can find them. I hope you enjoy experiencing Hattie’s life as much as I do!]

August 27, 1941 1941    Aug. 27th    Wednesday

Cold cloudy and rained but quit awhile early forenoon and Will and Seth shocked Sudan awhile, but had to come in on account of rain. Henry Arcorne got ready to go to [Rosebud] fair and Mrs. did all the work, such as dish washing and sweeping but they waited [to go] on account of rain until after dinner. Mrs. and I cleaned chicken and I fried it also we cooked potatoes and I made Lemonade. Mrs. and I washed dishes an they left for the Rosebud Fair, taking their trailer which Hank painted white with Saddle horse in, he wanted to enter for calf roping on this horse. I gave Mrs. an old oil-stove and only had $1.75 in cash for her and she worked so good. Seth went home in forenoon and put up his oil-heater after he cleaned it out and he and Martha came here for some money to go to Kleins Store to get groceries, and Seth came back for dinner and rode North pasture in p.m. Will and I went to Wm Abbotts, took book Tourists Paradise, which Jackson School pupils made, then to Harry Furrey, Harley and Wes Ernst, who lives with his parents on the old Dailey Place south east [of] Furreys, and they were just at last stack [of] hay at S.E. Corner Wm Whiting and Louise Place on Moore Creek. We came to store, got mail and groceries, and home. I got 3 qts. Peaches ready and Will sealed.

 The Grand Entry from the 2009 Rosebud Fair:

  1. I’ll swap info for you. I’ll tell you where the Klein store was if you’ll identify Moore Creek on a google map. (Klein store was 1 mile S. of section line just east of Hidden Timber post office and church.)

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