in Food, World War II era

August 25, 1939: Fried cucumbers and news of pending war

1939   Aug. 25th   Friday

Cool night, east wind, bright after hazy, partly cloudy forenoon. I got meals, laid down in p.m., fixed 6 gals of cucumbers in brine, [got] it to boiled and poured over cucumbers until on day when new must be made, played solitaire, listened to news of pending war. Will painted at Barn and has pains in the sore on his leg but not as bad as yesterday. Narvin and Will fixed fence in Rock and Antelope Creeks between us and Tom’s right after breakfast. I guess the men puttied barn windows in forenoon and went to fix south windmill near Strids, put in new leathers in p.m. I fried cucumbers for dinner, men no like, I do.

Aug. 25, 1939