in Misc. Diary Entry

July 1, 1920-1925: Walked through creek, shoes on

Boyd County, Nebraska

July 1, 1920: Was a hot day. Will Elied corn on Dave’s place and had to stop as corn was too small. He quit at 5 p.m. I didn’t do much. Went to Brad’s for milk.

July 1, 1921: Was a bright but not so warm day as small clouds passed over sun most of day. Will went to Langans and McDuffees last evening, couldn’t borrow oats at Langans so got at McDuffee, went for them this a.m. In p.m. he got cultivator at Ableidingers and on to lay by corn checked on Dave’s. I sewed on Dress and went to B.’s after 2 jugs water, walked through creek, shoes on. Will is tired.

July 1, 1922: A bright warm day. Will elied south of house and in p.m. took Wards’ team and went to Spencer after coal oil, so Charles elied and finished south of house, then hauled alfalfa in and Will cultivated garden and potatoes. I canned gooseberries and made jelly. Mrs. A. Woolhiser and Jim Herman stopped for supper, and Mr. and Mrs. Jake Serk and family, Geneva, Milton, Eldora and Gerald Dawson stopped in evening.

July 1, 1923: A warm day, bright and windy. Not much doing. I went to church at 10 o’clock. Rode back with Sherlocks. Will did up work and towards evening we went to Wards as rested in p.m.

Hidden Timber, South Dakota

July 1, 1924, Tuesday: A fair day, warm forenoon but cooler in p.m. and evening. Will was very sick all day with cold & headache. Geo. Smith came in a.m. Fred finished planting sod corn then fixed fence. Gale Menz came after their mail. I washed clothes and dried them towards evening. Mr. John Wisenberger came in evening.

July 1, 1925, Wednesday: Was another real hot day until towards evening clouded and a thunder storm but no rain on retiring. Jake painted, Levi disced and took radiator home and left it. Will elied corn. Glen McEachran came last evening, brought a bull and went to Carrs this a.m. and again this evening for the nite. I swept the upstairs and in p.m. sewed and mended some and last evening I dyed a dress so undecided to make one today. Neva and Vivian helped with work and played at different things.