in Misc. Diary Entry

June 25, 1927-1929

June 25, 1927 Saturday

Bright, warm day. I made bread and cake and mopped the floors as last eve we planned a trip, men went to Lattimores to see so all go to White River in morrow. Will and Ben finished some hog-fence. Henry around stock. Mrs. B. Schmidt, Frank and Toby went by last eve. Jay Tate and Pat Karens got eggs on their way to Dallas, South Dakota. Ernest and Richard Elshire here this p.m. and played. The men dressed chickens in the eve. Several folks went by.

June 25, 1928, Monday

Nice day all day. Mary, Harriet and Jeanette got the mail, dropped some so they had to walk back and [were] afraid of cattle so Will went to meet them. He went around stock and cultivated garden and mowed the alfalfa in p.m. which Ben did in a.m. and he harrowed his potatoes and ours out north but none there for us as his hogs got them. I worked in garden and Jeanette helped me planting and uncovering what Will covered up. Dave took eli to his place and started to eli his corn. Nellie and Louise ironed the rest of last week’s wash and sewed. Louise made some dark aprons.

June 25, 1929, Tuesday

A bright, nice day. Dave finished eliing corn first time on L. and W. land and came in, in eve so had another weenie sandwich at noon. Roy raked alfalfa. Will got stacker, cultivated garden, and he and Jay Tate got in Tate’s mare and colt from pasture and Tate stayed for dinner. Will and Roy started to stack but too damp so they mowed alfalfa in p.m. Lattimore and small children here this morning for cultivator shovels. I made bread and girls sewed and did most of work.