in Misc. Diary Entry

June 24, 1927-1929

June 24, 1927 Friday

Windy from south, west then N.W., bright and warm. Tom and Thomas came and got horses in a.m. Will and Ben worked at hog-fence and got the mail. Henry went around stock. Got letter that Mary Whiting operated on at Alliance, Nebr. for appendix last Monday. We took chicks to Ed’s and via Roy Carr’s but late so no talk. We had Car Trouble and the ride this eve was a fake.

June 24, 1928, Sunday

Showers in a.m. but a bright nice p.m. Noble Moore came for Dave to play against Rosebud and O’Kreek got beat 8 to 10, and Noble brought Dave and he went and got girls except Mary who stayed home from school-house and Dave’s place, and Noble stayed until after supper. Will was going for potatoes and never went until late p.m. in a wagon to Wisenbergers. Ben went in his car to Tate and Karens for late p.m. and eve. I just fussed with turkeys and chickens and partly cooked meals. Noah Wright came with Noble this morning and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Anderson and daughter Arlene were here late p.m. Nellie, Mary and Jeanette, Harriet and Louise washed the dishes this day.

June 24, 1929 Monday

Cool lovely day, bright and a little breeze. Dave elied corn on Moore Creek. Roy and Will took out the horses to big pasture then got mowers ready and started to mow alfalfa. Nellie finished her green suit. Louise sewed on her small check dress, a suit dress. Mary has been making a scarf. Jeanette, Harriet and I got meals and fussed with poultry and all the girls washed dishes. Nellie and Louise got the mail in eve.