in Misc. Diary Entry

June 22, 1927-1929

June 22, 1927, Wednesday

Bright but North breeze cool indoors until eve lovely. Ben and Will sowed Millet and Sudan Grass and Mr. Lattimore came so they went to the store and brought an oil-stove for us from Wheelers and in p.m. Ben Harrowed the Millet in and Will started to fix fence or make a fence for hogs. Henry around stock. Ben got 12 fish, cat ones, and we had a fair supper as last eve we had only one. Mr. Wagner came this morn. before we were up and brought back vaccine machine. Mr. Lattimore said that there was hail at his place and over south but we had only rain yesterday. Wm Welch and Mr. F. Chihak [were] here for eggs. I made bread and the work.

June 22, 1927

June 22, 1928, Friday

The rain last night made it too wet to work in field so Will went around stock and in p.m. Mr. Lattimore and Mr. Havens here with horses. Ben hauled out junk from front porch, then Dave, he and Will dug hole for toilet and moved it and mowed the yard and we set out cabbage plants that Curt Elshire’s boys brought Mr. and Mrs. Harry Davis [were] here this eve. We all got ducks, geese, turkeys and large chicks from yard to cook so men could mow yard.

June 22, 1929, Saturday

Bright, cool day indoors as I made bread and cake and got dinner on cook-stove and none too warm but was hot in sun as I picked potato bugs in late p.m. and was hot in sun. Will helped me after he visited with Oscar Jackson and they, Will, Roy and Dave, Mary, Nellie, Jeanette and Harriet branded and vaccinated calves that Roy got in in a.m. Dave and Will fixed the windmill so can pump water on Moore Creek. Louise, Mary, Nellie cleaned downstairs in a.m. and Jeanette and Harriet did the dishes. A car passed by with Bob Jones.