in Misc. Diary Entry

June 21: Run-away Teams and Stolen Lunches

June 21, 1927, Tuesday

Bright, cold forenoon and then real showers passed and sun would shine and a beautiful eve. Henry fixed fence east of house and his team got away so he got saddle horse and caught them and in p.m. went around stock. Ben finished plowing and drag[ged] the ground for millet. Will fixed gate to keep hogs out of Barn yard. Ben got a cat-fish in trap. I did the ordinary work as the hogs got 100 [of] my little chicks so I am all in. John Wisenberger here to-day, also Lawrence Arcoren and Hepburn boys to see Henry.

June 21, 1929, Friday

A bright warm day until even some clouds and a sprinkle of rain. Dave elied corn on Louis & William Whiting land and Noah Wright’s dogs got his lunch. Mary, Jeanette and Louise got mail. Louise cleaned upstairs and Nellie sewed her dress, the rest of us did the work. Roy & Will got in stock from big pasture and no water in tanks and they separated stray horses from ours. Will & I went to store and on the Dave’s and looked at pop-corn which needs thining out and we went to th store again in the eve. and took some chickens up and got groceries. Ben Fitch here in p.m.

June 21, 1929