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June 19 and 20

June 19, 1925, Friday: A very hot bright day. Jake went to O’Kreek and got vaccine and back to Carr’s. Levi, Will, Lemoyne & Ed rounded up the cattle and took to Carr’s to vaccinate calves. I took some things to Ed’s and right back to bake bread. Mr. Clifford and a young man from O’Kreek, Wm & Howard Lamroeaux were looking for Round-Up. Mr. John Neiss came to assess the property this a.m. Ralph Walton came to measure breaking. Mr. Menz & Fred got the forge.

A Chiffonier

June 19, 1936, Friday: A south-east wind, bright, cool. I got meals and Will varnished the Chiffonnier, and I gilted the handles to the same. Will in forenoon had to go to the pasture to help Lemoyne get a calf, then he came for the car and brought the calf home, and Lemoyne got the cow in the evening. Will fed the calf some milk and ginger. Frank Van Epps got the lard press and later the hay-sweep, he also helped Will, Thomas and Lemoyne get a cow out of the river. Lemoyned looked for hogs at Ben’s, found them at Wisenbergers, then he went to the pasture and Thomas took lunch. They fixed fence, but Lemoyne was not at the ranch for he had to ride on the stock. Andrew Night-Pipe and Leslie Wade were here this early afternoon.

Hoot Gibson

June 19, 1937: Bright, hot day. I got meals, baked cookies and Will iced with powdered sugar. Thomas went to cattle in a.m. and Dell Furrey came so he and Thomas went to horse-pasture, brought in horses. Will and they trimmed hoofs to a Bad-land Gray Gelding that Dell is to break, also they castrated one of Rahn’s yearling colts. Clarence Wheeler came for his mare and colt. Norman, Lucenia and another little girl were along. Lee harrowed the new plowed alfalfa around the second time, and this was done yesterday. Last night Will, Lee and I went to the Show Tent at O’Kreek to the “Red Haired Alibi,” showing Shirley Temple, also “Spirit of the West,” featuring Hoot Gibson, and a few rounds of a Joe Lewis fight, so we are tired today, got in after midnight. Will and I went to the store, Chas. M. McCormick’s, where Will got his hair cut, and we saw their 1 yr. old son whom they brought from Omaha Hospital, and he had his hands and feet tied to the crib to keep him from scratching when he was awake and alone. It was a pitiful sight. Will vaccinated 2 of Ben’s calves and we got cream there this eve. Mr. and Mrs. John Carr, daughter Katherine, Mr. and Mrs. Joy Carr came to tell Will that there was a final meeeting at Mission, Monday, on the Range Business. I ironed the men’s shirts and slept in p.m

Ethel Rosenberg

June 20, 1953: Will was not home until 9 p.m., he stopped to pay Clarence Paulson for 10 sacks of salt and talked about the Sioux City Flood. I feel bad since last evening, before or at sunset in Sing Sing Prison, New York, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed or put to death by Electric Volts for giving secrets atomic to Russia.