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Easter Entries 1920-1925

April 4, 1920 (Boyd County, Nebraska): This is a beautiful Easter day but a little chilly. Mrs. Knoll, Willie, Marjorie, Will and I had dinner at Bradstreets consisting of Roast Pork and Dressing, Potatoes, Chicken and Noodles, Bread, Butter, Pickles, Pineapple salad, Mince Pie and Angel Food Cake, Coffee, Milk, and Hot water.


Uncle Jim and Paul Meyers came out in forenoon, went back to town. Chas. Ward came last night, had Will phone for Dr. Bradley as his 6 mo. Baby was sick and he came back again this evening at 6 p.m. They got stuck so he came again at 9 p.m. to call for help to pull Bradley.

March 27, 1921 (Boyd County, Nebraska): Was a bright day but cold on account of snow. We stayed home all day. This is Easter Sunday. Will has a cold so took a nap in p.m. then went to Brad’s for water.


April 16, 1922 (Boyd County, Nebraska): The sun shone only a little in early morning, cloudy rest of day and very cold N. W. wind. I walked to church this Easter Morning and received communion and walked back. Will had a headache, but was ready to come for me. Chas. Ward came for milk. We went over there but I stayed indoors as was cold and Mr. and Will went out, also Mrs. T. Jensen, Mary and Maggie Ward were there. Will’s head still ached in evening. I am tired.


April 1, 1923, Easter Sunday (Boyd County, Nebraska). A bright day until towards evening cloudy. South wind cool in a.m. but afternoon quite warm. We did up work and Will started to trim those few cherry trees and cut his hand. William Whiting came out about 11:30 a.m. and he and Will went for a ride in the afternoon via Ableidingers, Chas. Clouse and via Dist. 14 school house and on home. I just read and did a little work after.


April 20, 1924, Sunday (Hidden Timber, South Dakota): A strong S. W. wind and toward west in evening, cold and cloudy at times. Jake came over and we went to their place with him as men didn’t go for sheller and Lawrence , Mabel and Neva brought me home towards evening and Tom was here, also Mr. Smith (George) came before we went to Jake’s and Will got 200 bu. oats from him. Will went on Kelley today, so brought some horses in. Sydney is broke out quite a bit with measles and quite sick and Tootie and Pat are set to break out, also John, as they are sick. Vivian is better but can’t talk out loud. Somebody was here in car when we were gone.

April 12, 1925, Sunday (Hidden Timber, South Dakota): Easter Sunday. Early morning nice but about 8 a.m. started to blow from S. W. and got quite strong before noon, windy all day and towards evening a shower. Ed, Will and I left here at 6:30 a.m., got to Mission and took Rena, Leo and Edward along to St. Francis, had dinner at Dave’s after 10 o’clock Mass, went to ball game and at 6:30 went to a Play given by school and it was very nice, and then we came home. Car trouble, didn’t get here until 2 a.m., stopped at Hainie to get car fixed, left Rena and boys at Mission, got scared when car popped and Rena jumped first before car stopped, got quite a jar.

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