in Misc. Diary Entry

November 18-19, 1922

November 18, 1922
Boyd County, Nebraska

A nice forenoon but p.m. clouded and rained a little, but clear evening and very windy from N. W. Will took Knolls’ spreader home, did chores, and Raymond Peterson came taking subscriptions to Country Gentleman. Will came up town for dinner. Billie and I went up early for Mr. J. T. Wood’s funeral at 10 a.m. In p.m. Louise and I also went to Roy Smith’s funeral, son of Claude and Annie Smith. After Will attended Mitchell sale, we came home.

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November 19, 1922
Boyd County, Nebraska
A cold N. W. wind and cloudy. Will chored and I fixed rabbit and made pumpkin pie and in p.m. Will went to Abledingers to help Mr. separate calves to wean. I took a nap as have a cold in head, throat and chest miserable. Will has a cold also but not as bad as mine. While up town yesterday, I saw Mrs. Charles Sinclair (nee Edith Brownfield) and twins, Gerald and Harold, and they all were O.K.

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