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October 22, 1921

October 22, 1921
Boyd County, Nebraska

Was a bright day all day and not much breeze, so nice. Will husked down row and 2 others on new land in forenoon. Mr. B. Ellsworth, Papa and Billie came after dinner on way to Bristow. Mr. P. Wilson came and helped Will fix buggy tongue before noon and also stopped on way to Spencer. We went to Spencer in p.m. and had supper at folks, first time in a long time, also in buggy. as tongue partly fixed. Mrs. O. Ernest, Mrs. T. Ernest. Havalin and Lorin were at folks, and Aldena was in Town. I had a headache but Will is quite well this evening.

  1. Love this:-) Edward LeMoyne Jr., Hattie’s brother, is my Great Grandfather. I’m so happy you are running this blog. I love it!


  2. Sidreis, thanks very much for taking the time to let me know! I love Hattie’s diaries, too.

  3. I can’t believe I stumbled upon this blog. Ed LeMoyne Whiting is my husband’s great grantfather (Ed-Kenneth Whiting). We visited the old home a few years ago, but never saw these pictures. Thank you!

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