in Misc. Diary Entry

August 31, 1921

August 31, 1921
Boyd County, Nebraska
Was a hot bright day. In a.m. Will cut cockle burrs and I went to Spencer to deposit hog money as we sent Walcott and Walcott check for interest at Bristow yesterday. In p.m. Will went to Ableidingers to stack alfalfa and I fried down meat that I got at ice-plant, the last we have there, and washed the separator and dishes. Will came home so very tired and cranky, as I didn’t have chores done.

Telephone Line man put in new batteries and fixed our phone to ring loud. Mr. Kirstine and boys came in morning and one boy brought corn knife and got some water. They are cutting hay on formerly Hattie Whiting Whitcher now Wm Bradstreet land. Mr. Geo. Knoll came this morning to get Will to help Wards thresh in p.m., but will promised Ableidinger to hay.

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