in Misc. Diary Entry

August 20, 1925

Thursday, August 20, 1925

Was a bright hot day and some clouds in evening, but no rain. George went to Clausen’s and finished and on to Tom’s for dinner, and they finished in evening there. Will took Mr. Roundy’s team, he brought them home last night with a load of oats to Tom’s, thinking he would be there, but Mr. Roundy came for it as he was to thresh at Arps and Coyner boy in his place at Tom’s.

The Standard Oil Man stopped here on his way to Clausen Threshing Machine. Will and I went to O’Kreek via Tom’s and George Smith’s, and this Man helped us get George Cihak’s car started. We got beets and cucumbers at Smiths’ and went via Wisenbergers home, and got flat tire near home. Met Mr. and Mrs. George Menz north of Roundy’s, so had a chat with them.

On return in evening, Will went to C. Elshire’s and ordered a quart of sweet cream for dinner tomorrow. The cattle were out down east, so he got them in also. The Davis flax cutting gangs pass here these days.