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August 5, 1926: Cat-fish and speltz

August 5, 1926
Quite a strong N.W. and W. wind, smoky, dry and dusty, otherwise bright. Mr. Lattimore came this a.m., started to fix mower and came back in p.m., and Mrs., Ivan and Melvin came along. After Will went around cattle, he helped Mr. Lattimore with mower and then they went fishing and oh! such nice cat-fish. I did only ordinary work and made bread. George and William mowed speltz out here.
  1. Any idea where they’re fishing? I’m betting it’s in a flowing stream since I don’t think there are any impoundments in the area yet.

  2. Another reader responded: “They used to fish in the Keyapaha River south of the Whitcher place. I remember fishing further upstream in the 40s. We used to catch a variety of fish including catfish and bluegill.

    Though speltz is classified as a wheat, I believe it was used primarily for livestock.”

  3. Not much Keyapaha River upstream! That’s where it starts. But I think that’s probably right.

    I’d bet the bluegills showed up after there were impoundments someplace – like at Hidden Timber or Mission, both on Antelope Creek.

    I had not heard of speltz being grown in the area. That is interesting.

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