April 18, 1934

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1934 April 18th Wednesday

Bright and Strong N.W. wind came up and dusty and let down a little late  p.m. and a clear eve. Ed & Paul Meyers came and Paul went to Pierce’s, back to Ross’s, walked here and back to Ross’s for night. Will and Ed went to Dallas & Gregory, back for supper. Elmer gave stock hay, went to hay-land and took Fitch’s cattle home and brought Brownie back from the Hidden Timber pasture where Bud Whiting put him and he crossed Paul over river on Saddle-horse. Sophie got meals and all the work, separated and swept. I made out orders to Mail Order Houses and sewed a little on my dress. Will stopped at Harry’s & Louise’s and Dorthy Mae is better but restless. Will and Ed also went to Harvey H. Hawkins and Mrs. paid him for part on 2 team horses, $40.00, $5.00 cash and $35.00 check.

April 17, 1934

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1943 April 17th Tuesday

Cool morning, bright, nice, and breeze from S.W. enough to dry clothes for Sophie washed to-day and got meals. I sewed on my shirt-waist dress, slept in p.m., read the mail and visited with Mrs. John Boyd (Lavira) and after supper we all looked at Indian treaty-book and Noble & Narvin, Mose and Mrs. Boyd went home at 10 p.m. Mrs. & Mose to Rosebud & St. Francis and Noble and Narvin staid here to help, vaccinated, brand and castrate calves. Will and Noble fixed fence in p.m. west of house and Elmer and Narvin drove cattle out north and Elmer gave stock hay in a.m.

April 16, 1934

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1934 April 16th Monday

Bright, warm after a cool morning. I finished the diary and financial account, then picked out things from catalogue also Sophie packed her things and late p.m. I started to sew my shirt-waist dress and Sophie and I played Rummy in p.m., she got meals and all the work and I played solitaire early eve, and after supper, Will, Sophie, Elmer and I tried string tying and string puzzles. Narvin & Noble came and Elmer and they cut calves out and put load of hay on rack and it was a double load, then Elmer chored and Noble and Narvin got Narvin’s car started and they all went toward Harry’s & Louise’s and met Will so Elmer came back with him. Will went to Rosebud and broke Elmer’s car (a rod), had O.A. Ellis of Wood pull him to Mission where he got it fixed, came to Harry’s with the stuff he got for Dorthy Mae’s Burns and home. Orville Hepburn here to-day to see Will.

April 15, 1934

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1934 April 15th Sunday

Bright but N.W. wind was strong and dusty at times. Elmer got in late from dance but chored with Will’s help but Will can’t mail yet on account of cut finger, they went to Tracy Snyders to see if Will is to pasture his cattle, then to Harry and Louise’s and Dorthy Mae was scalded by pulling tea-kettle on her feet, so Harry came over in p.m. and got necessaries for her burns such as Sweet Oil, Unguentine, Gauze and Absorbent Cotton, as there was none at O’Kreek to-day and Dorthy is in a serious condition so must be kept at home for cure of burns. Elmer went to practice ball at H.T. in p.m. and back to chore in eve. and staid for the night at home although Sunday evening. Ben Clausen here to-day and visited with Will and I in p.m. I baked raisin pie in a.m., played solitaire in p.m. started to rest and Harry came so I got up. Sophie did all the work.

April 14, 1934

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1934 April 14th Saturday

Cloudy and chilly in a.m. but p.m. a little brighter but still chilly. I was all in from trip to Valentine so in a.m. I made out check to Indians on grazing permits and Will’s finger hurt so he helped me, then took the letter to Hidden Timber to mail and he came back before dinner as he played cards at store with Otto Rothley and Bud Whiting. Narvin Boyd came this a.m. and staid rest of the day and helped Will & Elmer put Will’s Saddle together for it came on the mail to-day from Miles City, Montana where Will sent it, to have a new horn put in, then they went to the barn [to] clean it and gave the stock a load of hay, then chored. After supper Narvin went to the store and then home and Elmer went to the Dance at Hall at Hidden Timber. Sophie got meals and mopped kitchen & Front-room, swept other floors and the dish-washing as usual. After I slept in p.m. I baked a cake and sent it to the lunch at dance by Elmer, also made butter and grape-jell and played solitaire in eve. Mr. & Mrs. Ray Bailey & son Alden stopped to see if Will would take Ben McKathnie cattle of Winner cattle to pasture.

April 13, 1934

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Note from Lisa: Some of you may be interested in the poetry project I am doing on my own blog at lisarivero.com. There is a kind of poetry called “found poetry” that uses text from existing sources (historical sources, billboards, novels–anything, really) to form new poems. In the month of April, I am using Hattie’s diaries to share “found poems” from her entries (you can see a list of all poems published thus far here).

1934 April 13th Friday

Bright, nice day. Will has a head-ache and had to lay down after he chored and he and I went to Valentine in p.m. in Elmer’s car, and as we got ready, he cut his finger badly trying to crank the car, so Dr. Wise gave him some ointment to put on it, and we got home O.K. as I took an Osteopath treatment. Elmer got 2 loads hay in hills for stock. Sophie did all the housework. Morris Howard and Lew O’Connell of Wood came for lease money but it will be sent to Rosebud soon.

April 12, 1934

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1934 April 12th Thursday

A nice day as wind quit in night. Will & Noble Moore on collecting trip $15.00 from Loren Walton on Thelma Garcia Lease and got $5.00 from Claude Allen on Pasture bill in p.m. Noble & Elmer drove a broncho as Elmer got a load hay in hills for stock in a.m. Harvey Hawkins came and he and Will went to Ed’s, got Paul Meyers and they looked at granary at Ben Fitch’s that Hawkins owned and Hawkins bought 2 horses and took them home and Ed will buy the granary. Lemoyne came in eve and took Paul home. Will had a head-ache to-day but managed to chore and go on car-drives. Sophie got meals and all the other necessary work. I finished my black dress, baked a cake and slept in p.m., played solitaire and peeled potatoes at noon for Sophie mopped kitchen and dinner was late as our clock was slow–nearly 40 minutes. Jake & Leo Whiting’s Birthdays.

April 11, 1934

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1934 April 11th Wednesday

Another Northwest dust-storm and a real one after dinner, couldn’t see the sun, and continued blowing at bed-time. I went to kitchen after I sewed on my dress for awhile and made butter and corn-bread, slept in p.m. and sewed some more on my black-dress and Will, Elmer and I played pitch after supper. Elmer gave the stock hay on Rack and Will chored and in p.m. they fixed spring on Elmer’s Car and worked at it in the barn and visited with Ben Clausen and LeRoy Koepp. Koepp was on way to John Sundquist’s to get Barley but Ben told him there was none. Lemoyne, Leo and Thomas Whiting here for dinner, they came in Ed’s trailer to get Ed’s block & tackle and meat-saw and Thomas brought back Brownie and rode back to store with Lemoyne & Leo. Sophie got meals, baked bread and ironed clothes.

April 10, 1934

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1934 April 10th Tuesday

Wind blew from N.W. a few clouds but sun shines and the dust was real thick in p.m. that was dark at times or thick haze. Elmer gave stock hay that was on Rack and went to hills and got a small load and left it on the rack. Will went to store with eggs and got the mail and in p.m. he and Elmer fixed Elmer’s Saddle, that is, put in Cinch and Stirrups. I sewed a little on my black dress, slept in p.m. and played solitaire. Sophie got meals, all the other necessary work and sprinkled the clothes that she dried yesterday and was real lucky to dry on account of dust to-day.

April 9, 1934

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1934 April 9th Monday

N.W. wind and hazy but it may be dust as wind was strong at times, but sun shone bright until towards eve some clouds but clear again at bed-time. Sophie got meals and washed a big-washing and all but colored clothes got dry. I mended Will’s trousers that he wore to Winner and he helped chore, shaved and went via Harry Furrey’s to Winner to attend a sale of stock at Sales Pavilion and home for supper. Elmer got 2 loads of hay in hills for stock and gave one to them and left one on rack and chored alone in eve as Will got in just as he was finishing. I also cooked Danish dish of Raisins, Currants, Prunes, Lemon & Tapioca and Sugar & Water. Mended Will’s trousers he wears for every-day and sewed a little on my black-dress, and slept in p.m.